Monday, January 26, 2015

The Softest Sheets – Ever!

The last cruise I went on included a stop at St. Kitts. While there, I decided to look for a store the ship had recommended in their shopping excursion talk.

Now, I don’t go on cruises to shop. I like to sight-see. But I went to the talk because I was hoping to win something (I’ll take something free!). I didn’t expect to be interested in anything to buy. Well, I was interested in the jewelry, but not the price tags.
The “presenter” talked about Cariloha and their bamboo products while a pillow was passed around so we could see for ourselves what bamboo material felt like. It caught my attention. The description intrigued me, too.

So… we had time after our excursion and I found the store. The king-sized sheet sets were $199, and I had a $25 coupon. Figured why not. I needed sheets anyway. We took advantage of the free shipping.

After a few weeks though, we hadn’t received our sheets. I contacted the vendor and discovered there was a problem with the shipment in Long Beach. They apologized for the delay and offered me either a free upgrade to their premium sheets (a $60 value), which they had in stock and could ship right away, or credit to shop in their store (a $40 value). I took the upgrade, since I wasn’t sure I would want anything else.

The sheets came in last week. Let me tell you… I’m in LOVE!

They are the most softest sheets ever. And I’m not sweating in them like I was our cotton ones (hot flashes are a bitch—even in the winter). I may just have to buy another set. Or maybe go on another cruise. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Wait. What do you mean? Wouldn’t you go on a cruise just to save $25 on the best sheets ever? J

But seriously, they are some awesome sheets and I just had to share. And if you’re in the market for sheets, I suggest you give these a try (and no, I’m not being paid for saying this).


I finally (FINALLY) finished the content edits of Blind Temptation. Now the book is with my daughter for copy/line editing. This is the career she wants, so I aim to take advantage.

But do you know what that all means???? It means I can go back to work on Ghostly Interlude!! Yay!!!!

Oh yeah, and read some more. Still have those books I have to judge. Two down, though! Whoo hoo!

So… Who got a snow day from work today? Glad I don’t have to go anywhere!


Friday, January 23, 2015

People Who Resemble My Characters

Back in May 2011 I wrote a similar post “Men Who Resemble my Characters” (if you check out that post, you’ll notice I mention my WIP, “Memories.” Well, that became My Sunny Vampire. And that other book I mention, “Sarah’s Turn,” is dead in the water. See… a lot can happen in 4 years!). That post has become my most popular, view-wise. How popular? Well, since then, it received 882 page views.

Okay, I can hear some of you now. “882? Is that all?” I know, that’s not a whole lot (Believe it or not, I don’t get THAT many visitors to this blog). But to put that in perspective, the second most popular post received 252 page views (from September 2013). Third place received 248 page views (from October 2013). In my top ten there aren’t ANY posts that come close to being that old, either. So yeah, it was popular.

And I’m sure it had a lot to do with the two pictures on that post. I mean, who doesn’t like seeing Alex O’Loughlin and/or Brandon Routh? Okay, what FEMALE doesn’t like seeing Alex O’Loughlin and/or Brandon Routh?

While I'm not posting their pictures again, I thought maybe I could create another popular post and show you some more people I’ve discovered who have resembled characters I’ve created. Will it work? Only time will tell... 
captain america
John Pennington (from Bite Me, I’m Yours and the ill-fated “Sarah’s Turn”) had gone through many formations in my head until I saw Captain America. Oh. My. God. That was John! Not just in the looks, but in the way he acted. So yeah, now I’ve got a little fixation on Chris Evans (sorry, Alex—although you’re still number one).

Rob Gentry (my character from Ghostly Liaison) took on an eerie resemblance to a former boss of mine (which I do NOT have a photo, and yes, he was hot!). It was really awkward since I was still working for the guy at the time AND writing the book. It’s not something I recommend. Sure made it hard for me to focus on my work. Shoot, he probably wondered why I was always staring at him… J

The most recent discovery of one of my characters came from my last cruise. I was just standing there, waiting for the muster drill before the cruise set sail, when I looked at one of the “instructors” who was demonstrating the life vest. It was Victoria Braeden (my character from Blind Temptation).
Actually, her name is Natasha, she was one of the singer/dancers for the production numbers, and she’s from England. I tried my best to get her picture (because I was too stupid to do it during the muster drill—doh!). Out of all the ones I took, this one was the best. But let me tell you, I was obsessed with her on that cruise. I felt like I was cruising with Victoria!

Okay… Now that you know what a total nut job I am, why don’t you stop on over at CD Hersh’s blog. I’m over there “talking” about how I came to write Ghostly Liaison. The link to the post is HERE. I’m not giving away any prizes, but could sure stand to see a familiar name (and I’m sure the Hersh’s wouldn’t mind having a visitor or two, either).

So… Do prizes get you to go visit a blog? They don’t for me. Most of the time I don’t want the prize, so then I don’t comment. So I just don’t do giveaways on guest posts. Maybe one day, when I’m rich and famous… Nah.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Reads

Well, what do you know? I finally finished reading some books! Here’s what I read:

forgotten sins by rebecca zanetti
Jan 17: “Forgotten Sins” by Rebecca Zanetti, the first in a series, a romantic suspense. Blurb on back of book: From the moment Josie laid eyes on sexy, mysterious Shane Dean, she was in love. Their desire ignited a passionate affair, and within weeks, Shane had slipped a ring on her finger. It seemed her every fantasy was coming true…until her new husband disappeared without a trace. Now, two years and one broken heart later, Josie is shocked when the hospital calls. Shane has been found…at a crime scene with no memory of how he got there. Shane can’t remember the blue-eyed angel at his bedside—or who he even is—but he knows something isn’t right. His hearing is razor sharp, his physical strength incredible, and the urge to protect Josie overwhelming. For powerful enemies are hunting him, and Josie is the key to discovering why. As Shane struggles to unravel his past, dangerous new truths come to light. Can he protect the only woman he’s ever loved? And can Josie trust a man she thought she knew—one who carries such a deadly secret? I’m becoming a junkie on romantic suspense. And on Rebecca Zanetti’s writing. I love her vampire series and now I love this series. This was a book that I wish I wasn’t working. I would have sat and read it straight through if I could. Lots of yummy suspense and danger! Good reading.

one sinful night in sao paulo by amber belldene
Jan 19: “One Sinful Night in Sao Paulo” by Amber Belldene, a contemporary romance novella. Blurb from Goodreads: Cassie Wilson has traveled to Brazil for her brother’s wedding; yet she’s the one with cold feet. She’s all set to begin seminary, but she’s sick and tired of being treated like a saint, especially by the best man. What she really needs is one sexy night with him to ease her jitters and give her a taste of normal life. Adam Forrester crashed and burned at his dream job, screwing up all his hopes for a better life. Now he’s moved home to start over, but first he must confront the irresistible Cass, apologize for whatever happened on that drunken night he can’t remember, and make damn sure it doesn't happen again. Only she has other plans. He has typecast her as the good girl in his heart. Can she force him to see her as a real woman, desires and all? I love Amber’s books, whether they be paranormal or contemporary romance. Long or short. She tells a good story. This one was fun, too. So much so, I walked on the treadmill way longer than I had intended. See...she's good for my health, too! J

Now, I know I wasn’t going to read novellas just to up my word count, but in this case I needed something short because…

On Monday I received nine books that I have to read in the next six weeks. I can hear you now: “What???” Yeah, that’s what happens when you judge a book contest. You gotta read books. And in my case…nine. I sure hope I make it.

Somehow I’ll figure out a schedule. I still have to get Blind Temptation done editing!

So…for the next few Wednesdays, I’ll probably post about something else, since I’m not supposed to discuss what I’m reading. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep track of them, or count them toward my goal (because I am). And you’ll probably see the book cover of the current book I’m reading listed on the side (as usual). But I won’t be giving stars or any comments here or on Goodreads (too bad for the author if I loved her book). That’s the only thing I really don’t like about the contest, but there’s nothing I can do about it. The rules are the rules. Then again, maybe I’ll go back and add all that AFTER the winners are announced. We’ll see if I even REMEMBER to do that. J

So… Do you think you could ever judge a contest? If so, what kind?

Happy Reading!


Monday, January 19, 2015

RELEASE DAY for Ghostly Liaision

Yes! It’s here! It’s…

R E L E A S E   D A Y  ! ! ! ! !


Avoiding love is hard. Catching a killer can be fatal…
When Rob’s sister passed away, she left him her dog and her house. He can handle the dog part, but he doesn’t need another home. Especially a fixer-upper the neighbor swears is haunted.

Then he meets Bridget, who’s working on getting her life back together after a car accident left her scarred in more ways than one. She can’t pass up Rob’s offer of free lodging, regardless of the shape it’s in. Or the roommate that’s part of the package. She’s never believed in ghosts, but now she’s living with one who wants Bridget’s help in catching a killer. There’s only one problem: the killer has unfinished business…

Excerpt is posted below, if you’re inclined to check it out. And you can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Google Play, Kobo, and iTunes.

You’d think I’d have a party or something, but I’m not. I’m not a party-planning kind of person. I think I need a publicist. Or at least a loud fan. I would love LOTS of loud fans!

Want to be my loud fan? J

So far Ghostly Liaison has been getting good reviews. Not that there are a lot on Goodreads, but good is better than not good, right? Now I get to see if anyone has nice things to say on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. **bites fingernails**

Yeah, I’m not nervous or anything.

So… What do you think I should do to celebrate? What would you do?

Happy Monday!





Charlene Gentry hadn’t known what to expect upon her death. She was basically a good person, so would Heaven welcome her? Or would those commandments she’d broken condemn her to Hell? Not that she had a choice, but she’d assumed those were the only two destinations.

Certainly not 5542 Sycamore Lane.

She must be dead. How else could she explain the view of her bedroom from above her bed? She didn’t own a mirror on the ceiling, though she’d dreamed of putting one there, and the eyes of the body—her body—lying on the bed below were closed. Then there was that damn needle…

Oh God no. What had that bastard done?

She needed to get back into her body. Maybe then she’d be okay. She moved her arms as if performing the breaststroke, but remained hovering over her bed.

The front door slammed. “Charlie, it’s me.”

Robbie. Oh thank God. He’d help her. Her big brother fixed everything.

“I’m in the bedroom!” She flapped her arms like a bird, but still didn’t move anywhere. How the hell did she get down?

Barnaby barked from outside. The sliding door scraped opened. “Hey, fella. Charlie? You out here?”

“What, are you deaf? I said I was in the bedroom!” No response. What if he couldn’t hear her? What if he left before he found her body? If only she could get off the damn ceiling.

Tick, tick, tick. Barnaby’s claws skittered across the kitchen floor.

“Whatcha hurry?” Robbie asked. Soon the chocolate Lab burst through the bedroom door, Robbie close behind.

“Charlie?” His eyes widened at the sight. He rushed to her body and placed two fingers against her neck.

Thank God he’d found her. But did he get a pulse? Was she alive?

“Shit.” He pulled out his cell, punched 9-1-1, and tossed it on the bed. Ringing sounded through the speaker. After yanking out the needle, he proceeded to perform CPR on her body.

“That’s it. Resuscitate me. Bring me back, Robbie!”

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

“I need an ambulance at fifty-five forty-two Sycamore Lane. Hurry! It’s my sister. I think she OD’d.”

“No, I didn’t,” Charlie said. “I swear.”

“Is she breathing?” the operator asked.

“I don’t think so. Just hurry! Come on, Charlie. Wake up!”

“You don’t know?”

“She has no pulse. I’m performing CPR.”

“Why do you suspect she OD’d?”

“Because… Oh shit.”


“She has a history of abuse, okay? And I found her with a needle up her arm. Just get the fuck over here!”

Barnaby sat in the corner and whined at Robbie.

“Someone is already on their way,” the operator said.

Robbie pumped her chest frantically. “Dammit, Charlie. Come back! Don’t leave me.”

Charlie pictured standing beside her brother and the next instant she was there. Thank God. “I haven’t left you,” she said. “Don’t you dare give up!”

Her appearance made no difference in Robbie’s actions, so she was invisible, too. Figured.

Where were the damn paramedics? They should have been here by now. She only lived a couple of blocks away from the fire station.

Robbie checked her neck again and swiped at his eyes. “Why, Charlie? Why?”

Was he crying? Giving up? “No! Keep pumping on me!” She reached out to shake him and her hands went through his body. “Holy shit.”

He continued with the CPR. “I trusted you! How could I be so stupid?”

“You’re not stupid, Robbie. It was Carl. He did this!”

Paramedics rushed into the house. About damn time. They shocked her body, but the machine didn’t beep with a heartbeat. They zapped her several more times. All with the same result.

They pronounced her dead.

Robbie fell to his knees and hugged Barnaby. His sobs wrenched her heart. But if she were really and truly dead, why did her chest hurt so much?

Oh crap. Maybe she was in hell.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Questions for YOU

Yesterday I was all excited about a fix on a scene my editor commented about and then realized the fix would only work if something ELSE had happened earlier. Like two chapters earlier. Yep, I had to write a brand new scene. Not only a scene, a SEX scene.

I don’t know about you, but those things are harder to write than action scenes.

Well, I got it written. Yep, it’s a first draft. But at least it’s WRITTEN! Yay! Still, it looks like I’ll be going over that sucker several more days. So much for thinking I was almost done…

Because of all that, I’m kind of on the dry-side of things to write about, so how about I ask you some questions and you answer in the comments (I got this brilliant idea from another blog I visited—although my questions are different).

1. What did you watch on your television last night?

2. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

3. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?

4. How old were you when you were kissed “romantically” for the first time?

And my answers?
1) Supernatural Season 8 (Watching the DVD series with my daughter).
2) I haven’t eaten it yet, but I’m sure it will be Wheat Chex.
3) Into the Woods.
4) 10 (The boy across the street pretty much tackled me on a neighbor’s lawn and kissed me. Well, more like slobbered. I didn’t even think he liked me! I certainly didn’t like him.)

Your turn!

Happy Friday!!