Monday, February 8, 2016

What Does a Cover Say to You?

Remember when I told you I entered Blind Temptation in the Judge a Book By Its Cover contest? Well… the reader vote section is up HERE and my cover is in the SF/F/P category. I hope you’ll give it 5 stars. **grin** But only if you like it. Really. I don’t want false ratings. My ego isn’t THAT fragile.

I rated all the covers up for vote. There are some pretty awesome covers listed and some…not so awesome. Do you judge a book’s readability based on how well the cover is designed? Nowadays anyone can publish a book. I think if the cover doesn’t look professional, then maybe the inside isn’t professional, either (meaning, not edited or not edited well). Is that a wrong assumption on my part? Maybe. But my time is valuable and if a cover doesn’t grab me, I’m not wasting my time on the book. Of course that makes me wonder about my own covers.

That’s why in my next newsletter (which I’m sending out TOMORROW), I’ve included surveys on my own book covers. I’m curious to know if people like them, plus I figured out HOW to do a survey on the newsletter. That was cool! I’ll have to come up with more stuff to survey.

The newsletter will also include the cover reveal of A Vampire Wedding. Sometime next week (probably Friday) I’ll post the cover here. So if you can’t wait, if you’re itching to see that cover (and why wouldn’t you? It’s awesome!), subscribe to my newsletter NOW so you don’t miss out. Sign up form is on the side bar.

So… Did you watch the Super Bowl? Which commercial was your favorite? I liked the Doritos one with the baby ultrasound. I just wish I was able to HEAR it. I think next year maybe I’ll stay home to watch the Super Bowl (we went to Buffalo Wild Wings), then I’ll be able to catch all the funny commercials. Plus, I ate WAY too much.

Have a great Monday!


Friday, February 5, 2016


That sentiment isn’t just because I forgot to write something last night to have posted first thing this morning. Although it could have been, because I pretty much uttered that when I returned from the fitness center this morning (walked 3.25 miles!!) and realized I hadn’t posted anything.

What that sentiment is geared toward is my new laptop: Big Red. Or maybe it’s really geared toward Dell. I’m not happy with either right now.

Yesterday, for the third time since I got this thing, my laptop wouldn’t turn on. I waited 30 minutes (because last time it came on after waiting) and I got the message there wasn’t a hard drive. That did NOT make me a happy camper.

I e-mailed the person who had supposedly “fixed” it the other two times. I have yet to hear back.

Luckily for me, I had errands to run and I was gone for a good part of the day. When I returned home and found I still hadn’t received an e-mail from Dell, I pushed the on button again and low and behold… it came on!

My husband thinks maybe I just shouldn’t turn it off. So I didn’t last night and it seems to be working fine. I still want Dell to do something about this, though. If that means they replace it, then fine. I’ll hate having to adjust everything to the way I have it (because I’m sure I won’t get it all right), but I just hate not being able to trust something I only owned a month.

On scarier news… Yesterday (hmmm… maybe I should have just stayed in bed?) I went outside to get the newspaper. It was still dark (around 6:30am) and it was freezing. I heard some rustling between our house and the neighbor's (there are dead leaves on the ground between our houses). The last couple of days I’ve heard a cat meowing, so I figured it was finally showing himself. Nope.

What I saw instead made my heart race and my feet retreat back to the house. It was none other than a skunk. And he was walking toward me. Oh no!

I backed up to the house and waited while he crossed the street. Feeling it was safe, I headed back to the mailbox to get my paper when the sucker turned around and walked toward me again. That was all I needed to tell me the paper could wait.

This was the first (yes, FIRST) time I’ve ever seen a skunk alive. I hope I never see another.

Oh gee, look. That title could have been for that skunk, too!

Taken in 1986. Bet you can guess where. :)
So… Today is my son’s 34th birthday. Here’s a picture of my little boy, my Alaskan souvenir (we were stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska when he was born). I’m thinking today will be a better day than yesterday. It has to be. It's the day I gave birth to a great guy!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reading Update and Other Things

I have a feeling Wednesday Reads will return next week. If not, the week after for sure. I’ve only got two books remaining to judge and then I’ll be free to talk about my reading! Yay!


I worked on my newsletter yesterday and plan on sending it out on Feb 9th. So, if you want to see the cover to A Vampire Wedding a week before everyone else and you aren’t a subscriber to my newsletter, better hurry up and subscribe.


Revisions to Ghostly Interlude are going slooooow. Man, when I write thin first drafts, I write REALLY thin first drafts. I guess that’s what I get when I try to write them fast. Still, it’s a good thing it was thin. While I have a lot of work to do to add meat, I find it easier to delete stuff when I know I didn’t spend so much time on it. And yes, I’m deleting stuff. I know my characters’ motivations so much better now. Maybe once I get past all this beginning stuff my speed will pick up. I can only hope!


The weather here was so nice on Monday and Tuesday (until the storms came last night, that is). Mid 50s on both days. I even walked outside a bit on Monday to wake myself up! I tend to crash in the afternoon and I don’t really want to drink coffee (caffeine in the afternoon makes me shaky for some reason). But today will be back to seasonal temps (meaning below freezing, I’m sure), so I doubt I’ll do any walking. Unless I really need a slap in the face!

Ahh… But JeffO was right about Groundhog Day. Groundhog predicted an early spring. How he failed to see his shadow on a clear day is beyond me, though. Sheesh!


So… How goes your reading? How many did you read in January? I read 10. Man, at that rate, I won’t have any trouble reading 93 by December 31st. Only problem is, I doubt I stay at that pace. I do have to write!

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Crochet Project and Novella Updates

I finally finished one of my pot holders (yes, I designed it)! What do you think?

It looks black, but it's actually navy.

And in case you missed my post, I’m making these to give away at RAGT and maybe RomCon. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be lucky to have two completed by June.

Or maybe not. I’m pretty much done setting up QuickBooks for my treasurer duties (it’s going pretty smoothly—and easily), so that will leave my weekends free to crochet. Next Sunday Hubby and I will be at B-dubs (that’s Buffalo Wild Wings for those of you who don’t have one of those restaurants in your area) for the Super Bowl party (we snagged tickets), which means I’ll have lots of time to crochet (we figure we’ll have to get there early to get a comfortable seat). In the past I’ve taken my laptop, but this year I’ll just take my crochet projects. I bet I get lots done, too.

At least, I HOPE so! But just in case, I’m also crocheting a scarf. If it goes faster, I’ll do more of those. But I do love those potholders. They’re so thick, you don’t burn your fingers with those suckers! And I’ve tested them.

No, not that one. I’m not giving away a used potholder.

I’ve got some good news… The cover to A Vampire Wedding is just about finished and it looks sooooo cooooool! If you’d like to see it a week before I show it to everyone (here and Facebook), you’ll need to be a subscriber to my newsletter. I want to give my subscribers first looksee. It’s only fair. They put up with my newsletters! J

So, if you aren’t a subscriber and want to be, there’s a sign up form on the side bar. If you don’t see it (or you’re too lazy to look), here’s a link for you: Don’t say I didn’t make it easy for you!

So… Tomorrow is Ground Hog’s Day. Wow! Already! With the way the temperature was yesterday (in the 50s!!!—I swear it felt like spring out there), I’m thinking that little guy is gonna see his shadow. How does that make you feel? Happy? Sad? Indifferent? It’s certainly been a strange winter, though. At least it has HERE. You see, the snow missed us. Whew!

Have a great Monday!


Friday, January 29, 2016

Hello, Russia!

I get a lot of page views from Russia. I have no idea who or why. Spam bots? Who knows! But I thought I would recognize that country anyway, since they seem to stop by a lot.

One of these days I will feature a Russian vampire in one of my books. I’ve got notes and phrases written down, as well as character names (heck, Alexi Popolov is mentioned in Blind Temptation). That story will most likely end up being the last of the Bitten by Love books, so I’m a ways from doing that.

Right now I’m focusing on finishing Ghostly Interlude and then wonder… should there be a book 3 in that series? I really have NO IDEA what it would be based on. I’m hoping it comes to me during revisions. Book 2 did during revisions of Book 1 in that series, so I have hope. And if I don’t come up with something, I have my alien series to think about, too. I really would like to have a second book started in that series before I go looking for an agent. Again… IDEA.

Sometimes I think I fried my brain.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I think the weather is supposed to warm up here—in the 50s!!

So… What are your plans for the weekend? Besides a hair appointment, it’ll be fairly quiet. I won’t know what to do with myself!